Plan A IT is merging with Gray Area Consulting

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Welcome, Plan A IT Clients!

You’re now a part of the Gray Area community. Here’s a few things you need to know

Your services are still running

All your existing services are still in place and working as normal

You get even more support

At Gray Area, our friendly team are here for you, servicing the whole of Australia both onsite and remotely.

We’re here for you

Our team will meet you and answer any questions to ensure a smooth transition.

Why the change?


Alan Blair (Plan A) and Michael Kriewaldt (Gray Area Consulting) have been working together for the last 5 years. Alan Blair wishes to travel and focus on other projects and thus the decision was made for Plan A It and Gray Area Consulting to merge.


We welcome any questions you may have. You can reach out to the Gray Area team via the normal communication channels.


Intoducting Gray Area Consulting

Gray Area Consulting is a Brisbane based Cybersecurity and IT Solution company. 
Our team has over 20+ years of helping businesses grow and succeed with technology

“Business relies on technology every day to function, from emails and data storage, to collaboration and security. Gray Area ensures these systems are running safely, correctly and most importantly securely.”

– Michael Kriewaldt, Director.

How can we help grow your business?

Cyber Security

Leverage the best technology to protect and intervene when it matters, managed by our expert team.

Cloud Phone Systems

A Cloud Phone system doesn’t rely on cables or an office location, improving access and flexibility so that your phones keep ringing.

Cloud Data Systems

Hosted servers, document solutions, email systems, and more. We make sure your data is both secured and accessible wherever you are.

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