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We know Remote Working

Gray Area Consulting provides a range of managed I.T. and cloud solutions to Australian businesses

Cyber Security

Leverage the best technology to protect and intervene when it matters, managed by our expert team.

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Remote Phone Systems

A Remote Phone system doesn’t rely on cables or an office location, improving access and flexibility so that your phones keep ringing.

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Cloud Data Systems

Hosted servers, document solutions, email systems, and more. We make sure your data is both secured and accessible wherever you are.

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Did you know that the average cost of a cyberattack is $2.5 million?

Can your business handle a breach of this magnitude? Take our quiz now to see if your business is at risk.

Worlds of innovation

The Team at Gray Area Consulting have been doing remote systems and solutions for over 20 years.
Let us bring you the best skills and solutions to ensure your business stays running no matter where you are.

Working from home

We make going from an office environment to working from home and back again seamless. Less downtime for your staff means faster services for your clients.

Working From Home